Social Distancing – Why it is a must to beat Covid-19?

Social distancing

The most used word in the wake of the global coronavirus pandemic would probably be social distancing, a term that has seen as a 100-fold rise in Google searches. With COVID-19, the goal of social distancing right now is to slow down the outbreak in order to stop or prevent the rate and degree of sickness transmission and reducing the chances of infection among high-risk populations which will eventually reduce the burden on health care systems and workers. Social distancing is a public health practice that aims to prevent people who are contaminated with illness-causing pathogens and the individuals who are not sick from coming in close contact with each other in order to reduce opportunities for disease transmission. Social Distancing – The only medicine/solution available for now. The only way to decrease the rising Death rate in the country.

Social distancing

How to Practice Social Distancing

This can include large-scale measures like canceling group events or closing public spaces, as well as individual decisions such as avoiding crowded places. It is particularly important to maintain approximately 6 feet or 2 meters distance from anyone who is demonstrating signs of illness, including coughing, sneezing, or fever.  and avoiding mass gatherings, and maintaining distance from others when possible. Along with physical distancing, proper hand-washing regimen is important for protecting not only yourself but others around you as the virus can spread even without symptoms.

On the broader scale, numerous actions taken nowadays are designed to encourage social distancing, including:

1)Educational institutions suspending in-person classes and converting to remote online instruction.

2) Canceling events, including sporting events, festivals, and parades.

3) Workplaces encouraging or mandating virtual or flexible work options, including telecommuting.

 What to do during Social Distancing

1)Learn a new skill or polish your skills. Who knows it might help you further in your future.

2)Keep yourself productive by picking up a  new hobby and challenge yourself to show signs of improvement or binge-watch movies you’ve always wanted to, clean up your homes and chill.

3) Do an at-home workout, to remain fit, dynamic. It is vital to keep your body moving, particularly if you’re unable to leave the house. There are loads of online workout tutorials to check out.

4)Spending time with our loved ones will help you get to know each other better. Isolate yourself which will help in social distancing.

The only way to decrease the rising death rate in the countries affected due to the COVID – 19 pandemic is by encouraging Social Distancing as it is the only solution available for now. We can contribute to our country by staying at home and practicing social distancing. This will not only help our dear ones but also our country. Let us stay united and battle against this pandemic.

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