Response of Officenet to COVID19 -

Response of Officenet to COVID19

Due to the rapid geographical spread and outbreak of Coronavirus or COVID-19, organizations are facing numerous challenges ranging from the health and well-being of employees to disturbance in the supply chain and from working capital deficiencies to finish conclusion of activities. Organizations across the world are coming together finding innovative ways to limit disruptions to supply chains and economies and minimize the impact on public health.


In the Current scenario, As the number of cases of novel coronavirus rises firms are placing staff well-being ahead of productivity issues amid COVID lockdown.


With work from home policies in force, companies are faced with balancing the health and safety of their employees with the need to keep the lights on. Officenet team is following a similar approach of transitioning its employees to remote working and team meetings and interactions have moved to Zoom, Whatsapp, Hangouts to ensure uninterrupted business continuity. Team managers are told to be in regular touch with team members to keep them motivated.


Maintaining communication to provide the team with tools to cope accordingly, Officenet has come up with novel ideas – ranging from informal virtual team catch-ups to innovative quiz contests through the mobile app to increase the awareness of this pandemic, online learning modules encouraging employees to be extra-vigilant with hand washing, to keep the employees motivated and engaged.


With continued access to the Officenet HRMS as well as full engagement from the experienced consultants to provide continued support to the valued customers the support team remains remotely available to help as needed ensuring that the services are running at peak performance.


Saving human capital and the well being of employees is the most crucial task before the organizations. It is also important to practice and encourage empathy at a time of uncertainty and stress. This is an opportunity for companies to step forward and support their staff’s needs.

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