Monetize your HR mobile apps -

Monetize your HR mobile apps

Mobile apps are taking over the digital trend in an increasing pace. With this it has grown a long way from its occurrence. Businesses are using HR mobile apps to connect with their audience and employees. HR mobile app come in the category to entice its users and customers with its unique features.


Since we all know that free apps are the most downloaded ones and are in demand thus, modern pricing trends for mobile app is the big question these days which has led the developers to find a suitable way to monetize an app. HR mobile apps are on the radar for upgrades and change in style.



App monetization is a technique of making money from a mobile app. The techniques like in-app ads, up sell, cross sell, cart reminders, etc, can be implemented into an app for revenue generation. Below are several monetization strategies for your reference :


Freemium model


It is one of the most popular model. As the name itself suggests, freemium is a basic version of the app meaning that it has limited features and functionalities. Because of limited features, this model has an in-app purchase, meaning if the user wants any extra feature or functionality to use, then he would have to pay for that function. For, e.g. gaming apps, HR mobile apps, that gives freemium version with limited access. To acquire more advanced features and levels, one has to pay for it.


Some apps give full functionality with the freemium model for a period of time, to make them familiar with the app. Later on after the period for viewing an app is over, they have to pay for it, like many hr mobile apps, and other apps.


Premium model


This is the opposite of freemium model meaning that one has to pay to get this model. Premium subscription lets one to have a full functionality of an app which helps the users in many ways. Buying an app means one will get full utility and extra features or the required functionality of the app for easy access. With premium features the developer has to keep in mind that the paid version should be worth every penny of the user. This is because if one user likes the premium version then he will surely recommend it to others which will eventually increase your downloads and revenue. Officenet HR mobile app not only provides user with premium model but also gives customization options.




This is the newest edition in the market and is applied by many businesses. As the name suggests, it means that you have to partner with some brand for brand awareness. Imagine you have partnered with some brand and their brand logo is visible in your app, then there is chance that their app will be downloaded. Other sponsorship feature is that ones you partner with advertisers, they will reward you for completing in-app actions or clicks. This will help you to earn a good revenue without much effort.

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