How HRMS Is your Ideal Partner for the Post Covid19 Workplace -

How HRMS Is your Ideal Partner for the Post Covid19 Workplace

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on organizations has been so much significant, that it has changed the way businesses operate. Today, around 43% of the global workforce is forced to stay indoors and switch to working remotely from their homes. As the pandemic makes its way across the globe, work from home or remote work is slowly becoming the new norm.


The post-COVID-19 workplace will be an altogether different picture of how workplaces used to be when most people worked from the office. There are a few industries like IT/ITES that have identified the potential of the Remote work model as a long-term employment solution. Of course, the WFH model can help enterprises significantly reduce the cost of business operations, and at the same time, boost employee productivity. The workplace scenario post the pandemic will be increasingly dependent on remote-focused HRMS tools and technology like never before. These tools will serve as the virtual bridge between members of a team.


In such a scenario, there will be changes in the way the HR department manages the workforce. Below are some key HR trends to look for in the post-COVID-19 workplace. Digital HRMS is an advanced software platform that can help the HR dept of any organization to implement and adapt themselves to the post-pandemic workplace. Let's explore how through the below pointers:





  • There will be an increase in the volume of data collected regarding the activity and work hours of the employees as the no. of employees. Officenet is a Cloud-based HR software platform, which makes it the right tool for remote employee management. It also offers the Timesheets module that allows employees to enter work logs on a day to day basis for task tracking. Additionally, the Reports & Analytics functionality can help organizations create and analyze detailed reports.





  • HRMS tools can be used to manage a mixed workforce effectively from managing shifts of employees working from different locations which makes it easy to track work hours or attendance of remote employees as and when required. It also facilitates employees to apply for leaves and raise requests online.





  • In the post-COVID-19 workplace, team building will be of far greater significance because most team members are likely to work remotely. The solution would be resorting to virtual team building using technology. As the HRMS platform will allow the HR team to connect with remote employees to ensure they don’t feel disconnected from their teams. Officenet is an ideal platform for the employees to send birthday wishes, communicate learn about the latest updates and events, stay informed about the team activities, and more.






  • Due to the work-life balance that remote work brings, among other factors, studies show that the post-COVID-19 era will witness a boost in employee productivity. Also, the Training module allows employees to access training content online to expand their knowledge and develop new skills.



HR automation tools will play a significant role in the implementation of Work from Home for the employees to ensure the employers as well as the employees can enjoy hassle-free benefits of remote work. Implementing these tools help the workforce to stay productive and sail through the remote WFH mode during the COVID times.

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