Features to be used on HR Mobile App -

Features to be used on HR Mobile App

A mobile app is a computer program which is not only helping users and customers but in today’s time, it is also helping the employees in many diverse ways. Mobile apps help users and customers by providing them solutions like order placing, window shopping, learning, connecting with people, maintaining a budget, etc. Mobile apps for HR helps the employees and the organization to ease out the work process and increase productivity.


It does not matter what type of business one possess, a mobile app for HR helps in completing tasks and getting rid of repetitive and unnecessary process. In the age of automation, HR mobile app gives flexibility and reduces the workload. The main reason to put HR software on the application forefront is to reduce work pressure, automate task iteration and give time on more important process.


So, it’s time to upgrade employee experience with the best HR mobile app. To do so, it is necessary to put important and essential HR app features in the mobile. Placing every feature in the app may result in impediments like time consumption, extravagant expenses, confusion, outdated characteristics and other market and consumer-related issues. That is why it is important to place only required features on HR mobile app, which is reasonable from every aspect and would provide future monetization.



Time and attendance


It is the most important and commonly used feature of Human Resources. Centralizing and automating the attendance and leave timings will help to monitor over-time, hours worked, and plan future leaves. It reduces the chance of creating any mistakes or calculation related to salary and tax. The mobile app for HR also helps one to stay in touch with all the updates of the company and its policy.


Employee Self-Service


It is an HR technology that gives access to employees for their personal records and payroll details. ESS permits employees to perform administrative tasks like updating personal details consisting of an address, an email id, a phone number, and other related details. It also allows an employee to submit reimbursement slip, review time-sheet, and performance sheet, enquire regarding payroll services and perform many such actions without the need of any physical appearance.




HR mobile apps are commonly used these days in a large number, that’s why safety comes first. Because the personal details of all the employees are stored at a place, thus it is important to maintain security and save it from the prying eyes. Employees can make use of the HR mobile app while being at home or on the site to complete the work. The documents or other important files are strictly secured and only the one who is authorized has access to it.

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