Features should be on HR Mobile App -

Features should be on HR Mobile App

Human resources are an integral part of any company. It is essential to streamline the HR processes and make the lives of the HR department and employees easier. The latest HR mobile technologies can solve three main types of tasks- Corporate communication, Manager self-service, and employee self-service.


Incorporate communication HR mobile apps address various communication challenges within organizations, including employee engagement, two-way communication, and even sharing news and alerts. Companies are able to create an employee directory with search functionality, phone numbers, emails, postal addresses, and other information on colleagues. This can help improve communication within the company. A user can simply access the employee directory and find a contact without being chained to his/her workstation. An employee directory enables co-workers to connect seamlessly via their phones.


An HR mobile app can eliminate the need to use a desktop or laptop or to make a phone call to ask questions to HR executives. Additionally, the ability for employees to manage their personal profiles at their own flexible time provides more flexibility and convenience. One of the best examples of an <a href="https://www.officenet.in/hr-mobile-app">HR Mobile App</a> is Officenet Mobile App which is a fully integrated employee portal with ESS, Online workflows, HRMS, Leave management, PMS and more. It provides easy and fast access to an employee’s holiday balance, absences, and pending tasks as well as the contact information of colleagues and more.



One of the most commonly-used HR App features is time and attendance with Attendance Regularization, monitoring hours worked, overtime due and then using that data in work scheduling and resource allocation. With a rise of staff in the field of working from home, some form of attendance management from a distance is required. Access to ESS through mobile apps is the one with the largest proportion of users so that employees can get remote access to their own personnel data.


HR Apps reduce the chances of human error. It helps the HR department to automate time entry, approving leave requests, manage absenteeism.  Furthermore, all this information is always with HR managers even if they’re far away from their workplace.


Lots of companies are trying to revamp their performance management by introducing HR mobile apps to simultaneously give and get continuous feedback.


Mobile HR apps have been a clear trend in the HR technology field for some time now. With the help of such HR apps in India, organizations can survey their employees to provide better engagement and increase employee satisfaction. Mobile technology lets employees spend less time in managing HR issues and increases their efficiency on more productive tasks.

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