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Leave Management Software

Leave management is the simplest of all the software and procedure yet it is the most crucial ones. Maintaining employee’s leave administration reduces the work involved with hr leave management.


Leave Management Software is one of the segments of HR software that has a feature of employee self service. Automating leave management system is the process that lets employees to apply leave from work, mention the reason, whether he/she would be able to work from home or not, etc. The leave details are mentioned by the employees, while the supervisor accepts or rejects the application based on the leave policy of the company. The same process done manually is cost effective and prone to errors. Also, the approval of leave would take time due to paper based forms which is difficult to handle.


One should be efficient enough to look after and streamline employee leave management system to handle multiple problems and concerns in a single stroke. Procedures like approval of leave requests, maintaining the leave record chart, compliance with the policies, paid/unpaid/ medical leaves, etc, all these things need a proper maintenance and careful eyes, which can be attained through leave management software. The software also eases out these types of tedious tasks for the HR management and lets them focus on other tasks as well.


Improving technology has led online leave management system to facilitate advance HR processes with transparency, usability and flexibility. Employee leave management system automates the leave process and streamlines the system to ensure productivity and relief insights. The core Leave Management Software features are listed below :






On demand Report Generation


A complete history of the leave details can be viewed by the employees through employee leave management like available leaves, total leaves taken, leaves pending, etc. The monthly and yearly report is generated through built-in report module that produces report based on the acquired data.


Cloud-based Leave Management


The online leave management system offers anywhere- anytime access, that is employees can apply leave requests while being at their homes. It also helps to reduce cost, as it does not need any software installations and extra labour to handle the task. The tasks are handled by the employees and the employer.


Leave Workflow


The leave approval workflow can be customized and streamlined for a smooth process. When the approver or senior receives notification regarding leave request, then he/she can grant permission for leave then and there or they can also check the leave details, like reason, total balance, etc. before taking any action. Employees then receive the response via mail or sms as per the setup.


Custom Leave Types


To have transparency and flexible use of the system and policies, it is better to customize leaves according to its types. It is easy to handle holidays, medical leaves, half day, sick leaves, etc. when they are properly categorized, also it is comfortable for employees to apply and gain knowledge of company policies.


A proper enforcement of leave creates transparency, efficiency and trust among the employees. Officenet offers scalable leave management software for your business requirement.

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